Nokia Asha 200 price in India

Nokia Asha 200 is the latest offering form Nokia and is another low cost phone from Nokia. It’s basically targeted for the consumers in developing markets like India. Now Reliance launch new Jio phone named new Jio phone 2 501 Rs booking will be started from 15th August, 2018.

Due to the multiple colour option it might be able to attract the college going girls and it certainly not a manly phone. It got a good battery life life like all other basic Nokia phone.

The internet browsing experience is also not bad and it it also support Adobe Flash Lite. It doesn’t have 3G.

The camera shot quality is reasonable and it shoots photos at 1600×1200 pixels.

The music is another up of this phone. It sounds great and have 32 memory expendable up to 32 GB.

One can call it poor man’s blackberry as it resembled blackberry and have the build quality to match it. May be it’s more rounded but certainly very good build quality.

It will be easy to accept that this phone does not have 3G, Wifi and touch screen as this is hell cheap and it doesn’t show up in it’s build quality at all.

Nokia must be anticipating a big sale of this device as it have coloured it in 8 colours which is wonderful as you don;t get so much of choice in a phone which is price so cheap.

But this is certainly not the phone which is going to change the Nokia fortunes.

May be Lumia Can ?

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