Best Tips And Tricks On How To Make A Schedule

How To Make A Schedule

You might have heard people saying, “Let me check my schedule and get back to you”. At that point, you might think they are so busy that they have to make a schedule to remember. But it’s not always like that. Even you can make yourself a planner that helps you with time management.

Every individual needs to make a schedule to make them prepared before taking other miscellaneous activities. It might be difficult to remember every small thing every day; a pre-planned schedule can help you a lot. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you build a schedule.

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3 Best Tips To Plan A Schedule

Track Down The Time Taken For Routine Activities

Keep a log on how much time you spend on daily routine activities. Keeping a basic log can help you decide the time duration you would like to give to other assorted activities. It will also help you decided how much space you can get daily. Do it at least for a week, as it would help you get more productive every day.

Practice Using A Note First

Once you have logged all your activities and time taken, you can practice making a to-do list with the time limit specified. Try to do this for a week and if you feel that your planner helps to distribute and utilize your time well, go for the next step.

Make A Proper Schedule Using Tables

You can make a schedule on paper, or use different applications to create it. You can use word, excel or online schedule making applications that will help you how to be productive. Don’t forget to leave some time blocks, so that if in future you need time for urgent activities, you don’t skip the mentioned ones.

Top 5 Tricks That Help You Create A Schedule

  • First, make a to-do list on a paper and then copy it down with time limits in a planner.
  • Assign important task bullets or colors, this will help you prioritize your tasks.
  • Include details in all tasks; this will help you remember everything in brief.
  • Include both starting and ending time; this will improve your time management skills.
  • Leave at least 25% of spare time so that you have time for yourself, family and friends.
  • List timings for meals and sleeps so that you have sufficient time for both.


It’s important to always have a plan. Proper managerial skills will always help you achieve every goal in present and in the future. Use schedule builder to help you get your schedule accurate. Software like these helps you create and define your goals.

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