Dell U2412M Monitor Price in India

Dell U2412M monitor is available in very wide screen with 24” 10:10 panel, IPS technology and LED back light. The U2412M provides a brilliant view with amazing adjustability.

Dell U2412M Monitor

It has a very powerful image featuring a wide viewing angle with high-quality color representation for peerless viewing experience in this Dell device. Its very flexible you can pick the view that works best for you with ultimate range of tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment You can customize it with like change energy usage setting, text brightness and color temperature with the touch of the button to help conserve energy with the eco-designed arsenic and mercury-free panel.

Graphics come to life on a vast 24″(61cm) LED-backlit screen featuring a crystal clear 1920 x1200 resolution on a 16:10 wide-screen.

You can also enjoy blur-free viewing with dynamic contrast ratio with amazing rich, dramatic and accurate colors. You can also make colors cooler or warmer to suit your preferences with color temperature slider.

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