Women’s Tops for Every Occasion – Dashiki Tops is best


Women are very particular about their dress and tops constitute an important part of their attire. The following three are the most popular types of women tops that they can wear at any occasion though each of them is perfect for a specific time period or occasion.


African ladies wear Dashiki to pay tribute to their rich African culture and heritage. This piece of wear was the face of the black pride movement which makes it even more significant. People from all over the globe are displaying their affection for black culture by embracing Dashiki clothing. Dashiki tops is the preferred choice of clothing for women for various formal and informal occasions. You can wear African Dashiki tops on your prom, wedding, outings, evening parties and even as casual college wear.

Casual Tops
These are the most common women tops that are extremely popular all over the world. They are available in a diverse range of designs and with a great many features, patterns, and fabrics. The only care needed is to select those tops that are comfortable and made from fabrics that are neither too warm nor too cold. These are the casual ware so they have to be the most comfortable. You can wear sweaters and jackets over them during winters and you can use them as your main attire during summers.

Formal Tops
These are a variation of the casual tops but are more sophisticated and come with certain manners of wearing. Women generally like to wear black tops because they look formal and are good for official meetings and dinners. White and red are equally good colors provided that you do not wear any ostentatious jewelry and keep a simple look. You can combine them with a simple & consider this 4 factor while shopping online, well-fitting bottom to accentuate the overall look.

Evening Tops
These are a combination of casual and formal tops but with a strong tilt towards the former. There are no restrictions on their wearing and you can try as many color and design variations as you want. The only thing you need to take care of is the party or event that you are attending. You can choose themes and colors based on that event. You can use leggings or shorts with tops or you can also use good old trousers or three-quarters. There are no limitations in this regard and you can experiment a lot with your attire.

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